Valetta is on board to get him to the Greek.

I communicated with Valetta and I sent over the administration invite for her to take over these websites this morning. She needs a computer because this foster mom was robbed.  Oh, X-man is her son and she has a daughter and also she has taken in over 28 kids from broken families in Milwaukee, WI.  It’s about time some of that love comes back to her and I know that Valetta would LOVE to see her son on the red carpet.  X-man has been invited to a red carpet premiere in HOLLYWOOD for a documentary he appears in.  To Get him to the Greek, contact Valetta;

You may verify this by visiting Valetta on facebook.  Go ahead and friend her,  ‘No one is too rich to throw away a friend’ to quote Chi Chi Rodriguez.

You may also donate to the care of X by going in to any Educator’s Credit Union and telling the teller  you want to make a donation to Xzavier Davis-Bilbo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I know Valetta has to be by X-man’s side so I thought she might be on her phone instant messaging me on facebook, so I asked her if she has seen these websites on a PC and Valetta told me someone connected with her family stole her PC and her daughter’s PC and her son   X-man’s gameboy.  It’s criminal.

So people,  a lot of hard knocks have befallen this family but Valetta also told me she has a wonderful team of three helping them care for X and his trachea equipment, meds, and all the daily living needs.

Anyone out there want to send her a laptop?  Come on Texas,  let’s show them how it’s done.  I want X-man to get a gameboy replacement by the end of the week.

So if you have been following this story,  you know that Xzavier was five years old when a distracted driver hit him and drug him over twenty feet because she was TEXTING INSTEAD OF WATCHING THE ROAD.  This family has been through enough and they have to face the injustice of all this each and every morning and I am sure there are some mornings when Valetta wakes up and says to herself ‘that never happened,  everything here is fine’ and then consciousness claims her and this reality sets in and this lady gets out of bed and deals with it.

I knew she was a tough mother when I saw her PSA.  She wants all of you to stop the distracted driving.  She is the kind of person who cares about other people.  She fostered 28 other children that call her mom and she never got a cent from the parents or the state.

Valetta Geisha Bradford

It’s our turn to give to her.

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Pledge a dollar for X, they call him X, and leave a message for his mom.

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